A Mother Blessing, or Mother Honouring can be an alternative to your baby shower or incorporated within it, just as Imogen didto celebrate the arrival of her daughter.

Unlike a baby shower, the main theme of a Mother Blessing is to provide a loving and meaningful space for a Mum to Be as we acknowledge, honour and celebrate her journey into Motherhood.

Surrounded by the most important people in her life it's a special gathering where we pamper her, share beautiful readings and inspirational words to offer support to her before, during, and after the Birth of her baby. 

There are lots of ways to create a memorable Mother Blessing, and I usually speak with the Mum to Be to plan a personalised gathering incorporating all the things that are important to her. However, as this was a surprise for Imogen (she was introduced to the idea of Mother Blessings after organising a baby shower and loved it!) I was in touch with her partner and sister Rosanna to help plan the perfect afternoon...


I invited each guest to bring and share a heartfelt story, quote or 'Letter to the Baby'. We beaded her a special bracelet and shared birth affirmations, her friends painted her belly with beautiful bright colours and glitter and she was ultimately pampered as her feet were bathed, her hair was brushed and her hands and shoulders massaged. We showered her with love.

The afternoon was closed with a beautiful candle ceremony with small red votives and a large one for Imogen- as each friend and family member lit their candle they shared a few words or a wish for Imogen and her coming birth. The candles were also a favour for each guest to take home and as Imogen goes into labour they will be lit and serve as a reminder to send love and positive vibes for her as she births. 

"Thank you so much to Skevi for co-ordinating my Mother Blessing at my baby shower yesterday. She made it such a special and memorable day for me and my friends and family. Most guests (myself included) hadn't been to a baby shower before, and Skevi really gave the day structure and allowed everyone to share their love and support in a comfortable setting which everyone thoroughly loved. She added so many unique touches which were special to me, my husband and my friends, leaving me with so many wonderful keepsakes and positive vibes to take into my birth experience and beyond. Would highly recommend her for any baby shower and will definitely be booking in more therapies with her! Thanks so much Skevi! xx"

Imogen Taylor


"Skevi gave my beautiful sister a wonderful Mother Blessing. It was the perfect welcome to her little one. Such a special and memorable day. Thank you Skevi!"

Rosanna Taylor 


Booking your Mother Blessing 

Once deciding you would like to celebrate your Pregnancy and upcoming Birth in this special way, we can arrange to meet or speak to discuss your special day. We can incorporate elements that resonate with you and tailor it to you ad your style, along with any intentions you may have. I provide and organise everything needed (other than food) and you simply provide me with a list of your tribe and I'll do the rest.

Mother Blessing Ceremony

3 hours


Mother Blessing Ceremony and Pregnancy Massage for Mum to Be

4 hours


All Mother Blessing fees include supplies. Travel Expenses/mileage applied outside of a 5 mile radius from N13. 


Add a 90 minute Closing the Bones/Postnatal Massage Gift Voucher for only £85 (usually £97)