I'm often asked if anything is needed in preparation ahead of an online session. In short, the answer is 'not really' Let me elaborate...

All that is ever truly needed is you, as you are. I often remind clients both in group and 1:1 settings that 'All is Welcome'. Your feelings, your tears, all of it. So though there is nothing in particular to be done for an online session, we all know the many benefits on our wellbeing and mood that certain things have. As India Arie beautifully sang 

"It's the little things, and the joy they bring"

Those that know me will tell you I am a lover of all things that Enhance the Senses (and music is a big one for me!)

So, weather it be a 1:1 Guided Gentle Release Session or you are joining in for Wellness Wednesday group relaxation this May help.

So, although you don't necessarily need to prepare anything (other than a phone, laptop or your preferred device to join, I would HIGHLY encourage you to set 10 minutes beforehand and a little prep to create your very own sanctuary at home. It can make a huge difference and affect the way we feel within the home. 

Here are my top 5 tips for creating a beautiful and relaxing space

1. Choose a space in the home that feels good and relaxing for you - it can be anywhere! 

2. Light a Candle (or a few!)

3. Beautiful Aroma - Light Insense or Aromatherapy in a diffuser or burner. I LOVE Women’s Balance by Neal's Yard. (you can order any of the Neal's Yard Remedies essential oils and diffusers here

4. Get comfy! Have somewhere you can get comfortable. Either sitting or laying down. Grab a blanket and get cosy

5. Cover and Go Within - a simple way to do this is by covering your eyes. You can use a lavender eye pillow or scarf to allow you to gentle let go. And if you have earphones you could use these too and see what feels most comfortable (these, your ears of course!) 

I hope this helps you to think about how simple it can be to create your own space for meditation or to relax and rest within! If you have added your own little touches, I'd love to hear them!

Below is an example of how I might Create the Space (in person). This is the set up for a wonderful couple I worked with in a Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Preparation session in 2018. Oh, in person, good chocolate is a must! 

Skevi 😘