Intuitive Massage for Women

Facial Therapy Treatments

"Thank you Skevi for my lovely massage this morning! Your hands are magic, just what I needed post car accident. Healing and intuitive"

Stefania , Enfield

Therapeutic Wellbeing Massage

A classic nourishing massage to release stress and muscular tension. Using a combination of my own techniques that I have developed whilst working with clients over the past 16 years. Focusing on your individual trouble spots and guided by what your mind and body need for a personal treatment.


Nurturing Rebozo Massage

A beautiful, feminine massage focusing on total relaxation and nourishing the mind and body. A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican Scarf and can be used throughout a woman's life journey. Within this massage it creates a gentle and relaxing therapy with subtle movement. To complete the massage, you are gently wrapped at the head, the hips and the feet giving you a total body hug! This feels divine. (This can be tailored to suit your needs and people that 'don't like to feel 'contained' usually really enjoy this).

Benefits of Rebozo Massage:

  • Gives you the space to go within
  • Calms everything down
  • Restorative and Grounding
  • Giving you a feeling of safety and holding like a body hug!

Who is this for?

Absolutely every woman,  and especially:

  • After or during an overwhelming experience
  • After you have had your baby - more info on Closing the Bones
  • If you have lost a baby or are grieving 
  • If you are suffering from stress around your fertility - more info on Fertility Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

This massage will focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. Forearms and hands are used for a deeper pressure and to stretch helping to relieve chronic patterns of tension, muscular stiffness and pain.  

Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious massage that melts tension away. The combination of massage and heated stones really do ease muscle tightness, this is a deeply relaxing massage.

Clinic appointments only

Indian Head Massage

This is a deeply relaxing and restorative therapy. During an Indian Head Massage we focus on the pressure points and areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. Typically the face, scalp and shoulders. An amazing massage if you suffer with tension headaches and migraine, if you have sinus problems or find it difficult to relax. It encourages tranquility and restfulness and is known to be great for a good nights sleep.


"Skevi is a very talented and very intuitive practitioner; an added bonus to the treatment.
My body is still relaxed after 5 days, particularly impressive considering I have piled up lots of stress in the body over the past year. I felt luxuriously pampered, from the presentation of the room to the massage itself. Highly, highly recommended"

Barbara, Chingford

Massages ease tension and makes us feel amazing, This we know !

Take some time to come back to YOU and nourish your mind, body and soul with a comforting and restorative treatment - your body and will thank you for it and your mind might just feel more calm and a little less frazzled!


Facial Therapy, combining lifestyle, holistic and skin advice to help you look and feel your best.  Enhancing skin health by targeting specific skin conditions and offers a deeply relaxing treatment including aromatic essential oils and soothing massage. 

Neal's Yard Organics Facial Therapy

£60 1 hour | Course of 6 £327

A Neal's Yard Remedies Holistic Facial with Skevi isn't just skin deep, it's a sensual and enjoyable experience, giving skin benefits and a greater sense of wellbeing. It addresses skin concerns and encompasses overall skin health. Upon consultation, Skevi will then choose from an extensive Neal’s Yard Organics aromatic skincare range and botanical formulas to develop a skin therapy to rejuvenate and nurture not only your skin but your  emotional state too.

Soothing, lifting and relaxing. Pressure Point massage stimulates the circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin for a natural radiance. Includes a nourishing cleanse, exfoliation, a specialised mask to treat the underlying skin condition.

Age-Defying Frankincense Facial Therapy

Enhance your skin naturally with the potent and rejuvenating properties of frankincense combined with a Neal’s Yard signature organic facial. Designed to improve the appearance of tired and dull skin, it is deeply restorative and reduces fine dehydration lines. Any skin condition will be left feeling hydrated, smoother and rejuvenated.


Rehydrating Rose Facial Therapy

A radiance boosting facial treatment that has replenishing and balancing damask rose and antioxidant-rich wild rosehip oils at its heart, to leave skin beautifully nourished and glowing with radiance.


Nourishing Orange Flower Facial Therapy

This luxurious treatment is designed to quench dry, thirsty skin. Deeply nourishing orange flower oil, or neroli is truly the hero of this facial treatment. Leaves skin feeling super hydrated, supple and radiantly revitalised.


Refreshing Palmarosa Facial Therapy

Perfect for oily and combination skin, this intensely purifying treatment deep cleanses and it's adecongestant, drawing out impurities while helping to balance excess oils. Skin will feel refreshed, clearer, hydrated and more radiant.

"One of the best facials I have ever received and it's all down to Skevi. It's a great feeling knowing that someone is taking care of you and cares about the work they are carrying out. It truly did exceed my expectations."

Pranvera , Southgate

Dermalogica Skin Treatment

Dermalogica’s philosophy and vision for skin health vision rests firmly on a product line that is free from common irritants and ingredients that can cause irritation and breakouts. Dermalogica has never used Lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances, Mineral Oil or other cheap fillers in its formulas.

The focus is on improving skin health with skin treatments administered by trained skin therapy professionals. Dermalogica’s specialised training sets an industry standard. Skevi has achieved Expert and Specialist status certified by the International Dermal Institute.


Dermalogica Ultracalming™ Skin Treatment

Calms | Soothes | Targets Redness & Irritation

This soothing skin treatment is perfect for calming sensitive skin conditions targeting the triggers behind redness, itching and stinging, while helping to recover skin health, providing long-term relief from flare-ups. The treatment uses a calming oatmeal mask with steam to instantly reduce redness and inflammation.


Dermalogica MediBac® Clearing Skin Treatment

Purifying | Detoxifying | Reduces Bacteria & Inflammation

Jump start adult breakout clearing with this purifying, detoxifying professional treatment that promotes skin clarity, reducing bacteria and inflammation beyond the treatment.


Dermalogica AGE Smart® Skin Treatment

Revitalises | Regenerates | Brightens

Give your skin the ultimate power boost with this facial treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish and regenerate. AGE Smart helps control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing whilst hydroxy acids and Retinol lift away dull skin cells.

Arguably one of the best ways to instantly relax too. Focusing on the areas vulnerable tension and stress: Face, Shoulders, Scalp. Yes SO much tension is held in the face. (Try pressing beneath the inner brows and feel!)

Using a variety of beautiful Neal’s Yard Organics or Dermalogica Expert skincare to give your skin and wellbeing just what it needs

E M O T I O N A L  B E N E F I T S
Massage is always included. Improving circulation and skin health and calming the nervous system too. Pressure Point lymphatic face massage, shoulder and neck massage and scalp massage and arm too

Gorgeous essential Oils, aromatherapy additives and beautifully blended botanicals treat the skin, and smell divine. Relieving stress and encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation and soothing emotional tension

"Just had an amazing facial with Skevi. Delighted at how clean and bright my skin looks and the only therapist ever to not make my hair look a mess and oily. The facial massage was given with brilliant pressure and she was very thorough with the whole cleansing. The arm massage added in whilst the mask was on was a lovely bonus. Definitely will be back. Thank you for your amazing treatments today"


Further Information and FAQ's

What are the Benefits?

One of the main purposes of a skin treatment is to improve cell renewal, sweep clean and remove stagnant skin cells, toxins and congestion caused by pollution, lifestyle and the surrounding environment and to nourish and hydrate with massage and high quality, all using professional products that I choose personally for your skins needs.

If there is an overproduction of sebum, the skin’s natural substance that moisturises can lead to skin problems, including blackheads and breakouts. So by sweep cleaning the cells and pores we can remove dead skin cells and toxins from the skin. Professional exfoliation using fruit acid enzymes are gentle yet powerful enough to replenish surface skin cells and brighten and renew the skin.

Face Massage Benefits

A facial massage is in my opinion THE most relaxing of all! Pressure points and gentle lymphdrainage over the face and around the eyes and eyebrows helps to release pressure in these vulnerable areas which hold tension. The flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the skin cells is increased. This improves circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow as it plumps cells with nutrients and water, reducing dehydration lines and nourishing the skin

How often should I have a Skin Treatment?

Our skin renews itself every 28 days, sloughing off depleted and dead skin cells and if we practice good skin care, they’re replaced with new vibrant cells. Investing in your skin’s health can keep hydration levels high, keep toxins out, nourish and renew.

A skin treatment is recommended every 2 weeks as a course, followed by a treatment every 4 weeks to encourage cell turnover and renewal and maintain skin health and overall condition.


What will happen during your treatment?               

A skin treatment begins with an initial consultation and assessment of your general skin health, lifestyle and hydration levels. If you have any issues or concerns with your skin you can discuss them at this point.

Treatment begins with an aromatic oil cleanse, followed by a chosen treatment wash or cleanser to further resurface and remove debris from the skin. A series of personalised products are chosen based on your skin’s needs and your desired outcome. Professional exfoliation will include fruit acid enzymes, which are gentle yet powerful enough to replenish surface skin cells and brighten and renew the skin. A deeply relaxing neck and shoulder massage, while a nourishing mask penetrates the skin, works wonders. This treatment is completed with a serum and a moisturising option perfect for you. An optional SPF and tint can be applied afterwards too.

What treatment should you choose?

Skevi will discuss any skin concerns with you or go through any skin and lifestyle questions you may have before choosing a range of professional products and aromatherapy additives for a tailored treatment. 

Please get in touch with any questions or book in with Skevi here