Women's Holistic Therapies

(NEW!)Gentle Release Therapy

Therapeutic Wellness Massage (60 mins)

Therapeutic Wellness Massage (80 mins)

Nurturing Massage with Rebozo Wrapping (80 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage

Facial Therapy (60 mins)






Fertility and Womb Massage Therapy

Initial Consultation and Fertility Treatment

Follow Up Fertility and Womb Massage Therapy™

(80 mins)





Pregnancy and Birth Wellness

Nurturing Pregnancy Massage (60 mins)

Nurturing Pregnancy Massage (80 mins)

Mother Blessing - A Nurturing Baby Shower (2.5 hours)

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Couples Relaxation and Connection Session (2 hours)






Postnatal Wellness

(NEW!) 3 Step Rewind Technique x3 Sessions (45-60 mins each)

Therapeutic Postnatal Massage (60 mins)

Therapeutic Postnatal Massage (80 mins)

Closing the Bones Healing Massage (80 mins)

Mum and Baby Pamper Session (Minimum 5)

£95 (introductory offer)




from £38 per person

Home Visits

Available within Enfield,  and Barnet, or on group bookings. 

Professional massage couch etc will be bought to each appointment. For this reason, I can only offer this service within homes with parking, (any charges incurred by client) and with little or no steps. Treatments carried out on ground floor. 

(70 mins) £75

Any session or a combination of two treatments

(90 mins) £95 | 2 hours (£125)