The Holistic Pregnancy Hub (HPH) is a space for you and the place to come for caring support, expertise and your very own community. It's here to help make your pregnancy journey as positive and enjoyable as possible

Pregnancy is such a special experience but it can also be overwhelming and at times can be overshadowed by worry, ailments and all sorts of emotions!

We are a group of birth experts who have come together to support all aspects of your pregnancy journey - on an emotional, physical, spiritual and practical level. So whatever your worry, question or concern, we are here to support YOU.

We also are passionate about creating a non-judgemental community where women support women. We really care and encourage everyone in this group to share, comment and cheer lead each other along.

Every month we will hold 'HPH Meet-ups' in Enfield, Barnet and Surrounding areas to meet, chat, share experiences and make connections that can enhance and bring that special element to your pregnancy.

We fully believe that we are all unique, every birth is unique and however, you choose to give birth should be respected, supported and celebrated.

Meet the Holistic Pregnancy Hub experts:

- Rachel Barr - Acupuncturist

- Sarah Wasser - Personal Trainer

- Skevi Nicodemou - Conscious Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth

- Abi Brazil - Clinical Reflexologist

- Noemi Nagy-bhavsar - Pilates Teacher

- Sarah Horner - Neighbourhood Midwife

- Beth Carboni - Hypnobirthing Teacher

To join the FREE HBH on facebook and for meet up please get in touch with Skevi on