New offerings available to support your pregnancy and fertility journey, available for women, couples, single women and same sex couples weather trying to conceive or not. 

A chance to explore your fertility and pregnancy from a loving and holistic place.

As we know or babies feel, become and develop from the very essence of Momma and the family field around them. The experiences felt, seen and heard in the womb can create a sense of the world they arrive into. Connecting deeper to you and your baby is the greatest gift to you and your baby.

I now offer beautiful one to one and couple sessions to connect you deeper to your pregnancy and the baby within the womb.

If you would like to explore a deeper connection to your fertility journey and welcome your baby in a loving and Holistic way please get in touch.

I am currently offering a handful of sessions to women and couples the opportunity to book and receive a course of highly reduced sessions. 

Conscious Conception and Couples Conscious Conception Sessions

  • Do you want to prepare for welcoming your baby in a holistic and loving way?
  • Do you want to connect with and explore your fertility journey?
  • Do you want to enhance your emotional well-being as well as physical?

Sessions will very much depend on your personal needs which will be discussed beforehand and what arises. We will use a variety of tools from my expertise and your story and can include some or all of the following depending on sessions chosen; detailed consultation, feeling into different aspects of your fertility journey and your own conception stories, holistic fertility massage, guided meditation and any tools that can help to support you further. 

This will help to reconnect you back to yourself and as a couple (if doing Couples session). The combination of the elements used and the Fertility Massage Therapy will encourages physical, emotional and spiritual support. 


Holistic Women's Session with Fertility and Womb Massage Therapy

"I first saw Skevi 4 months after having surgery for a dermoid cyst and following an endometriosis diagnosis. I was suffering with scar tissue pain, sharp pains throughout the month and back cramps during my bleed. The first session I had with Skevi was amazing. I could feel an energetic shift straight away and that evening my ovary reflex point was pulsating on the same rhythm on the left side which is where the cyst was. I also felt a big release on my left side where the cyst was removed and I have not had any scar tissue pain since. 

After the session my pelvis and abdomen felt extremely free and released, I could stand up straighter. My stomach felt very tight after the surgery so this was a real bonus as I was able to stretch comfortably. I had a second session before my next period and the difference was remarkable. For the rest of the month I had very little endometriosis pain - and when I did I gave myself a five minute massage and it eased.

My next period was very different and my cramps had reduced by about 70%! I was astounded and so pleased. The back pain was still present but I feel that with time and further treatments I will be able to work on this also".

Holistic Pregnancy and BirthSessions 

This is what a session looks and feels like from the perspective of a Momma to Be

"Having come into today's session not quite sure what to expect and where it would take me, I'm so glad I came. It gave me a safe space to reflect on past experiences and how they have shaped my experience of my current pregnancy so far. However, it has also opened my mind to the possibilities and opportunities that are still to come in embracing and connecting with this new baby and pregnancy... Skevi has created a warm, welcoming and personalised session with the flexibility and sensitivity to embrace the feelings that came up, whilst bringing it all to a positive conclusion. A very special experience and a lovely way to start forging a connection with your baby during pregnancy and Beyond. Highly recommended" 

Another Couple Shared:

“37 weeks pregnant and my body started to feel extremely tired and my brain was not able to switch off. I couldn’t relax and I know my baby was being affected. My movements were not as frequent and I was just causing my self extra stress... I booked a session with Skevi and really had no idea what to expect. My husband came along and it was one of the most beautiful evenings I have experienced. The environment was calm, warm and relaxing and it took me back to feeling connected and helped me to embrace and feel powerful for what I am about to go through the next few weeks our pregnancy. 
I felt a complete sense of release from negative thoughts that I didn’t even release I had, my mind felt clear and I felt completely connected to my baby.

Sharing this moment with my husband was beautiful, it brought us closer to baby and has made us feel completely prepared for labour and the journey we are about to embrace as parents. A big thank you to Skevi for the love, light and guidance through meditation and for reminding us that we are in control. Her healing hands through massage also helped me have the best sleep. Forever grateful xx"

This was one couple's experience of a Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Preparation session. Using a variety of tools and techniques to guide them deeper into their journey, connecting with one another and their baby in the weeks before they met!