It's not everyday ITV get in touch and ask to film a Closing the Bones postnatal Massage!

I was recently asked to perform a Closing the Bones Massage for Ferne McCann, months after she gave birth to her daughter. She came in to me to have some time for her, to relax and to de-stress. Closing the Bones is the perfect way to this, celebrate the transition into Motherhood and have that extra dose of much needed self care! 

Closing the Bones is a deeply nurturing and relaxing therapy celebrating and honouring the transition into Motherhood. It involves massage, grounding and energy balancing, rebozo rocking and being lovingly wrapped which feels totally gorgeous! 

I was recently contacted by ITV to hold a Closing the Bones Ceremony for new First Time Mum Ferne McCann.

Ferne had heard about the gorgeous benefits of Closing the Bones, a postpartum massage that celebrates and honours the transition into Motherhood and wanted to experience it to help her relax and take time out of her demanding schedule and role as a New Mum. To read more on this beautiful treatment click here. 

She came along to my therapy room along with baby Sunday (who was completely adorable!) and was excited to have some quality relaxation for herself, time to destress, as well as reconnect back to herself which is at the core of this therapy, passed down from traditional midwives. 

Soon after our session, Ferne said: 

"I’m in to crystal healing, meditation and mindfulness. I recently had a ‘closing of the bones’ ceremony. It’s a treatment you have after having a baby. It brings all your bones and your hips back into alignment and celebrates that you gave birth. You go through so much when you’re pregnant and when you give birth, and this is a very holistic, meditational, and spiritual treatment".

I love the way she describes this beautiful therapy for new mums!


More about this gorgeous therapy can be found here: 'What is Closing the Bones' you can also get in touch to discuss and book your Closing the Bones session.