A Mother Blessing is an alternative (and very special!) to a baby shower, which focuses on Mum to Be. Its traditions are based on Blessingways, a Navajo rite of passage that celebrates the transition into Motherhood. 

If you are looking for something different or maybe it’s not your first baby but you still want to get together with your friends, this could be just the thing for you! 

Imagine, you are surrounded by the closest women to you that love and trust.  Flooded with love, support, heartfelt words and wishes and blessings to honour this very special time in your life ahead of welcoming your baby into the world. It can be fellow mums, grandmothers, sisters, best friends, aunties, daughters, and they are all there to celebrate and empower you.  True sisterhood id very powerful. Imagine feelings of encouragement and all of the love as you transition into your journey of motherhood. 

A Mother Blessing is a circle of women (sometimes men too) very special way to acknowledge, empower and celebrate your journey into Motherhood and the level of love and support experienced from an experience like this can be transfortative. Different from a baby shower, a Mother Blessing's main goal is to provide a loving space for Mum to Be when she can be adorned, pampered, and explore some of the challenges and joys as she approaches Birth and Motherhood. Surrounded by the most important women in her life, she will gain a sense of power, confidence, calm and be reminded of the love and support available to her before, during and after the birth. A meaningful ceremony regardless of religion, if any at all but honouring her choices, belief systems or intentions.

As mentioned a Mother Blessing, it is a very beautiful and special way to honour Mum to Be and her journey from Pregnancy to Birth and Motherhood. It can be an alternative to or part of your baby shower.

Mother Blessings unlike a baby shower, the main theme is to provide a loving and meaningful space for a Mum to Be as we acknowledge, honour and celebrate her journey into Motherhood.

Surrounded by the most important people in her life it's a special gathering where we pamper her, share beautiful readings and inspirational words to offer support to her before, during, and after the Birth of her baby. 

There are lots of ways to create a memorable Mother Blessing, and I usually speak with the Mum to Be to plan a personalised gathering incorporating all the things that are important to her. However, as this was a surprise for Imogen (she was introduced to the idea of Mother Blessings after organising a baby shower and loved it!) I was in touch with her partner and sister Rosanna to help plan the perfect afternoon...

I invited each guest to bring and share a heartfelt story, quote or 'Letter to the Baby'. We beaded her a special bracelet and shared birth affirmations, her friends painted her belly with beautiful bright colours and glitter and she was ultimately pampered as her feet were bathed, her hair was brushed and her hands and shoulders massaged. We showered her with love.

The afternoon was closed with a beautiful candle ceremony with small red votives and a large one for Imogen- as each friend and family member lit their candle they shared a few words or a wish for Imogen and her coming birth. The candles were also a favour for each guest to take home and as Imogen goes into labour they will be lit and serve as a reminder to send love and positive vibes for her as she births. 

"Thank you so much to Skevi for co-ordinating my Mother Blessing at my baby shower yesterday. She made it such a special and memorable day for me and my friends and family. Most guests (myself included) hadn't been to a baby shower before, and Skevi really gave the day structure and allowed everyone to share their love and support in a comfortable setting which everyone thoroughly loved. She added so many unique touches which were special to me, my husband and my friends, leaving me with so many wonderful keepsakes and positive vibes to take into my birth experience and beyond. Would highly recommend her for any baby shower and will definitely be booking in more therapies with her! Thanks so much Skevi! xx"

Imogen Taylor


What is involved?

Blessingway Alter

If you were to ask someone to describe what normally happens at a baby shower, the answer would probably be something like, ‘where women get together and give gifts for the baby and play games’.  There is a lot of focus on the new arrival and excitement of meeting the baby, but very little focusing on and nurturing the mother – ‘filling her cup’ – so it overflows with love.

It’s quite simple really.  A woman who is given lots of love and adornment will feel empowered to give birth beautifully and joyfully, knowing that she is being supported and held by others.

Honoring flower halo

There are no set agendas in a blessingway ceremony but most do include the various stages of beginning, shifting, focusing and completing.  Most would also sit in a circle.  A lot of them include things like blessings and poems, positive birth stories, empowering words, songs and stories.  For the honouring part some like to receive head or foot massages, some like to make a flower headdress or get henna belly painting, some women like to make a sacred alter and some like to get their hair braided.  Some women like to include gift sharing as these are given to bless, inspire, encourage and empower her.

A few women like to include a birthing necklace.  Each guest would bring a bead that means something to them and gift it to the mother-to-be to be worn during labour. The beads would then be strung together with a beading thread and each guest would explain the intention or wish behind her choice of bead as she placed it through the string. The finished necklace would then be presented to the mum.  During labour she would wear this necklace and this would serve as a reminder of all the love, support and blessings that she’d received for her pregnancy, birth, baby and for her journey into motherhood.

Some women like to feel connected symbolically.  This is done by passing a red ball of string around the circle where each woman would wrap it around her wrist saying a few things about themselves.  It would then be passed on to the next person until the whole circle is complete and everyone is connected.   The string would then be cut and left on until the birth of the baby.  This symbolises the connection and love in a beautiful and symbolic way.

Good wishes & positive messages for the mum

The ceremony would normally end in a feast as it smoothes the transition from sacred space back to the social pace of daily lives.  It’s also quite grounding and reawakens their connection to the earth.  Furthermore, it closes everything nicely while letting everything settle in.

Every single ceremony  is different and each one is tailored to the mothers desires and what she would like to gain from it.

I truly believe every woman deserves to be celebrated and honoured as she she walks the rite of passage into Motherhood.

“I believe that these circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong”

Sark, Succulent Wild Woman

Mother Blessing Elements:


One of the most important elements of a Mother Blessing. Not only does it physically prepare Mum to Be, it enables the rest of the circle to communicate their love and care in a way that words cannot. Combing her hair, bathing her feet with rose petals, giving a hand and shoulder massage are all ways to make Mum to Be feel adorned, cared for and relaxed. All symbolic to what a new Mother needs.

Belly Painting

Loving Words and Poems 

Guests are invited to share a personal story or reading that speaks to the Mother's personal journey. Poems, quotes, affirmations, blessings are all great ways to share your love and support. 

Letters to Baby

Creates ahead of time by each guest, these letters can address the baby to be. Read aloud, they can tell the child all about their special Mum. This can be a deep, meaningful and moving way to honour the Mum to Be. 

Bracelet is made for Mum to Be to wear during  labour

Sharing and Positive Story Telling

Wisdom comes in many forms. It can be really special and powerful for everyone in the circle when stories are shared. Guests are invited to share any tales of strength, love and courage. It could also be positivestories or experiences of birth or motherhood, about yourself or your family. Creating a feeling of trust, triumph, surrender and women's strength. 

Decorating flags with positive affirmations for Birth


Birth Candle Lighting

"The Circle is an ancient and universal symbol of community, unity and feminine power"

Mother Rising


Booking your Mother Blessing 

Once deciding you would like to celebrate your Pregnancy and arrival of your baby, we can arrange to speak to discuss your special day. It would be my honour to facilitate a Mother Blessing for you or someone close to you. I will tailor it to make it as special and personal to you and your needs as possible. when booked, we'll speak and discuss what you'd like so that I can incorporate elements that resonate with you and tailor it to you and your style, along with any intentions you may have. I provide and organise everything needed (other than food!), you simply provide me with a list of your circle, your chosen venue and I'll take care of the rest. This will include connecting with your guests, sending out invites &  explaining everything to them (if they are not sure on anything) and  much more.  I’ll also help make your honouring crown (if you decide to have that) and I’ll bring various things including the alter bits, and other bobs to make it into a truly special day:)

Mother Blessing Ceremony

3 hours


Mother Blessing Ceremony and Pregnancy Massage for Mum to Be

4 hours


All Mother Blessing fees include supplies.

Travel Expenses/mileage may be applicable outside of Enfiled, Barnet, Haringey and/or a 5 mile radius from N13. 


Add a 90 minute Closing the Bones/Postnatal Massage Gift Voucher for only £85 (usually £97)