A Mother Blessing or MotherHonouring is a special way to celebrate an upcoming Birth, but it's not a new thing. Women have been gathering, sitting in circles and sharing valuable information and celebrating major lifetime transitions since the beginning of time.

Want to celebrate a pregnancy and Birth in a beautiful way and feel like the Goddess you are?

Unlike a baby shower, the focus of a Mother Blessing is the Mum to Be. We acknowledge and honour the journey into Motherhood.

It's indeed a very special affair! 

Along with a chosen few special people, we gather together and Mum to Be is pampered and adorned, we share inspirational words and beautiful readings, offer love and support and a dose of positive birth vibes to take into the Birth and Motherhood journey.

A Mother Blessing makes THE most memorable and unique gift for any Mum to Be.

There are many of ways to create a memorable Mother Blessing, and its all done with you in mind. I can plan it all on your behalf, along with your most special friend or sister. You can be fully involved and let me know what aspects you'd like. So far I have included beautiful poems, letters to you or your baby, creating your very own Birth affirmation bunting or bracelet, we can paint your belly with beautiful bright colours, give you a massage and brush your hair, have a red candle ceremony which it then taken forward including the very people that are there on the day in preparation for your labour and Birth. (this is a beautiful touch and one of my favorite's!)

It's your day, and it will be perfectly personalised incorporating all the things that are important to you.

Mother Blessing Elements:

Comb her hair, foot bath with rose petals, hand massage

Belly Painting

Loving Words and Poems 

Letters to Baby

Bracelet is made for Mum to Be to wear during  labour

Story Telling - Positive Birth or Motherhood stories

Decorating flags with positive affirmations for Birth

Birth Candle Lighting

A Mother Blessing is suitable for any Woman, weather your a natural born hippy (like me!) or not. You might want to mark this special moment in your life but are not a fan of the American tradition of a 'Baby Shower' which has taken our nation by storm this past decade or so.

It can be as ceremonial and tribal or as simple and relaxed as you like! Whatever your wishes, they will be honoured and the event will be planned and facilitated with you, your wishes and interests at the forefront of it.

You can also book a Mother Blessing for a friend! It is the most memorable and unique gift for any Mum to Be.

You can see more of Imogens' Mother Blessing over on 'Baby Shower or Mother Blessing'

Booking your Mother Blessing 

Once deciding you would like to celebrate your Pregnancy and upcoming Birth in this special way, we can arrange to meet or speak to discuss your special day. We can incorporate elements that resonate with you and tailor it toyour style, along with any intentions you may have. I provide and organise everything needed (other than food!) and you simply provide me with a list of your circle and I'll do the rest.

Mother Blessing Touch 

Tailored Guidance for you or a friend for your gathering - includes 3 elements; a Mother Blessing poem and two others of your choice


Mother Blessing Ceremony

3 hours


Mother Blessing Ceremony and Pregnancy Massage for Mum to Be

4 hours


All Mother Blessing fees include supplies. Travel Expenses/mileage applied outside of a 5 mile radius from N13. 


Add a 90 minute Closing the Bones/Postnatal Massage Gift Voucher for only £85 (usually £97)