5 mums and 5 babies...

Is who I spent the afternoon with today!

One of my lovely clients asked if we could arrange an afternoon for her and four NCT friends. All new mums with babies no older than 16 weeks. What a fantastic idea!

How else could a new mum have quality me time, adult conversation, a much needed massage AND know that her baby is completely safe with people she trusts?

Becoming a new mum is beyond life changing.

It comes with many new realisations and feelings. It's a shock to the system on all levels; add to that the physical changes from the transformation your body has gone through and the additional aches and tension from holding or feeding you baby. It is SO important to honour this phase in motherhood and give your self and your body as many moments of restoration as possible during the fourth trimester (a whole different discussion!). It won't come easy, but if try to create these little gaps to care and restore yourself . 

Being around women that you feel good with and appreciate some of what you're feeling, plus a cup of something hot can be just what you need. 

Catch up, Massage and a cuppa?

My client contacted the other girls on their group message, shared the idea and they jumped at the chance! Treatment options were given and discussed, a date was agreed and it was as simple as that. A date was put in everyone's diaries and from then my afternoon was dedicated to them. Some of the mums opted for a 30 minute treatment, some for 60 minutes and most went for a back and shoulder massage or an Indian Head Massage. Each massage was bespoke to what each mum needed and the focus was simple... how they felt and where their tension was held.

Afternoon of giggles!

After arriving and setting up for the massages in one room, I gave a quick overview of the afternoon in the living room where these lovely mums and their five babies were chilling out.

I wanted to ensure everyone felt relaxed and anxiety free. The babies were all on different nap and feeding times it was important to me to reassure all of the mums that they could relax and just go with the flow. We were not at a spa, and that was the beauty! There was no particular order for the treatments, we simply worked around each mum and baby at a time. The afternoon flowed with ease.

In turn, each one came away for her massage and the others took it in turn to look after and care for one another's babies. At times the babies were napping, and at other times they just needed a little hold for a short time while their momma got a little time out and relaxation. It was perfect!

This lovely group of women wanted to catch up, receive a well needed massage and have their babies with them too all under one roof and had just that. There were lots of nibbles, tea and cake and it was made into a real treat!

This is what one mum had to say...

"Thank you so much for today Skevi. It has taken a few weeks to adjust after having my first baby and I could have never imagined such quality 'me time' with my baby there too. My shoulders feel so relaxed are no longer tense. Thank you for making me feel a bit more like me again. I'll definitely be booking another massage soon!!"

If you love the idea of creating something similar and getting your mum friends together, get in touch to have a chat and discuss your personalised group package.

Skevi x