"Touch was never meant to be a luxury. It is a basic human need. It is an action that validates life and gives hope to both the receiver and the giver the healing of touch is reciprocal"

~  Irene Smith

Why every Woman can benefit from a Rebozo Massage

A massage therapy that is unique and healing, nourishing, grounding and restorative. Particularly great during a time where a little extra love, nurture and surrender are needed.

What is Involed?

Relaxing and Grounding and (optional) Energy Balancing

You are invited to lay down in a comfortable space decorated with candles, scattered fresh rose petals, colourful scarves, essential aromatherapy oils and beautiful music for a complete sensory experience. 

I’ll then create the intention for healing and love and for her to receive the most out of the ceremony and one that serves her highest purpose. 

Rebozo Rocking

Gentle sifting and rocking of the hips to calm and rebalance, and to bring the hips and pelvis into alignment. This is wonderful to any pelvic or lower back issues.

Massage and Relaxation 

I then begin to massage and gently ‘rock’ the hips using a traditional Mexican Rebozo. We focus mostly on the sacral, back, hips and abdomen (with touch massage on the head and feet). 

The massage itself involves a combination of relaxing and deeper moves to reduce physical tension, ‘holding’ in parts and allowing for any energy stagnant or emotion to settle. There may also be some guided relaxation/visualisation to create a deeper grounding and restoration.


We complete with ‘ceremonial wrapping’ using beautiful scarves along the body. This is over some of the main chakra points and it feels like being cocooned or swaddled and receiving the most gorgeous body hug! 

It represents the ‘holding’, ‘Closing’ and ‘honouring’ of the her and the journey and transition she has made into Motherhood. 

You are kept wrapped allowing you to completely let go, surrender and go within. After a short time I’ll unwrap very gently.  

I sometimes use Tingsha bells and/or a singing bowl  at the beginning and end of each ceremony, Paolo Santo to cleanse the space and rose quartz too. 

Closing the Bones can take place in the comfort of your home, so that you can basque in the lovely energy that we have created afterwards. 

What is a Rebozo?

A traditional Mexican shawl that can be used to suppport a woman throughout life. From a girls menarche (first bleed) through to fertility, pregnancy and labour and postnatally it can be used for baby wearing. and it is what we traditionally use to gently rock, hold and cradle the womb and hips with, helping to bring deep release and relaxation of the physical and emotional body. 

I begin to massage the lower back, hips and belly with a gorgeous women's oil and use the Rebozo technique to gently release tension in the hips and lower back. We then wrap the Rebozo and light scarves around the hips and other main points throughout the body.

This. Feels. Divine. There is just something about being 'cocooned' and held. It allows the body to deeply relax and the mind to just let go. 

I then continue to massage over your head, neck and shoulder and you can continue to drift into a state of bliss. 

This therapy celebrates and honours all transitions and journey's and is tailored to you and your needs. 

Closing the Bones can be done in the comfort of your home or in clinic. Please get in touch on info@puretherapylondon.co.uk or 07832147883 to discuss any questions and to book. 

My training of Closing the Bones, with doulas was based on their teachings by an inspirational Ecuadorian woman, trained in traditional midwifery. This, along with my skills as an Energy Worker and Women’s Wellness therapist helps to create beautiful and nurturing  treatments.