Therapeutic Postnatal Massage with Rebozo

90 mins £87 | Course of 3 £247 | Course of 6 £467| Course of 10 £747 

Home visits:

90 mins £95 | Course of 3 £267 | Course of 6 £510 | Course of 10 £800

A very much needed time out for self-nurture, de-stressing and remembering who you are. During the massage we focus on what you need; relaxing the muscular tension from feeding or holding baby, reducing knots, and grounding to help relax and restore your mind, body and spirit, helping you to reconnect with yourself.

Other physiological and emotional benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Regulates hormones
  • Releases Oxycontin can improved breastfeeding and 
  • Reduces aches and discomfort
  • Essential time for self nurture
  • Encourages healing process
  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles 
  • Improved well-being and immunity
  • Reduced swelling       

Closing The Bones

Nurturing, Grounding and Restorative

90 mins £87 | Course of 3 £247 | Course of 6 £467| Course of 10 £747 

Home visits:

90 mins £95 | Course of 3 £267 | Course of 6 £510 | Course of 10 £800

Closing the Bones, or Mother Wrapping is something every woman should experience.  It is THE perfect postnatal massage and makes a special and unique gift for a New Mum.

Think delicious essential oils, gentle music, scattered rose petals and candles! It is a complete sensory experience.

You will be gently rocked, nurtured and massaged with love. You will be held, enabling you to relax and release any tension physically, emotionally and energetically. The session is completely tailored for you and though is perfect after pregnancy and Birth it's also deeply beneficial in honouring any life cycles and transition life. 

Why is it important to have Closing the Bones?

~Taking the time to be loved, held and nurtured just as you did when you carried and birthed your baby should be celebrated!

~In SO many cultures and traditions the 40 days postpartum period is a crucial time for postnatal care. Being cooked and cared for and massages. It's a time for 'mothering the mother' and to nurture her. A sacred time, allowing for relaxation, bonding, and an honouring of the transition into motherhood.

~More often than not within our culture, the focus is on what the baby wants and needs and our mums are almost expected to bounce back, put their every need last and even put aside.

Beyond the physical benefits of Closing the Bones, there is an energetic aspect too, creating the space for the mother to feel nurtured and safe and release emotions that may be held from pregnancy, birth and some of the feelings that come with motherhood.

The 'Closing' of a mothers hips and body help to release tension from the hip joints helping with pelvic instability and a 'closing' after what has been a very open and vulnerable time.

That whole 'Can't pour from an empty cup', well that could not be closer to the truth when you have another human to care for! The postpartum period is definitely a time that requires all of the love, nurture and surrender.

Read more about my experience learning this artful massage on What is Closing the Bones?

If you have close friends and female family members we can create a circle with them present playing a special part and being there to hold and support you.***

This healing massage can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or in clinic.

Home visits: Barnet, Haringey, Enfield and parts of Hertfordshire

"I experienced the most amazing Closing the Bones session with Skevi. A traditional and very nurturing treatment for postpartum women - all I can say is I wish I'd known about it 9 years ago!! The massage bit was fantastic and really relaxing, then came the special hip rocking - and I can totally understand why it's so important postpartum. I'm a sports therapist and fitness instructor and I have spent years rectifying SIJ issues since my pregnancy all those years ago. I feel like a totally new woman! Thank you so much Skevi"

Amrit Theocharous, Winchmore Hill

"My Closing the Bones was one of the best massages I’ve ever had: thorough yet gentle, and she incorporated some extra areas of tension we’d talked about beforehand; afterwards I felt grounded and two inches taller. Skevi is a sweetheart and a total pro"

Anouk, Oxforshire

"I had the Closing the Bones postnatal Massage and would highly recommend! Really relaxing experience and, as Skevi comes to your home, it's really stress free and your baby can be involved too. My little one (who is 9 weeks old) lay on my chest and slept throughout - I think he enjoyed the whole experience too!

It definitely helped release tension in my hips and back and it was nice to have some 'me' time. Skevi was fantastic and even made me a cuppa before she left! A lovely experience for new mums!"

Lorraine McGee, Winchmore Hill

My training of Closing the Bones took place with two Doulas, which is based on their teachings by an inspirational Ecuadorian woman, trained in traditional midwifery. This, along with my skills as an Energy Worker and Women’s Wellness therapist helps to create beautiful and nurturing sessionsand ceremonies.