Congratulations Lovely... You did it!

    Your beautiful baby is here, and what a journey it has been for you. 

    • Would you like to feel good and have an hour to yourself?
    • Are You Tired beyond belief?
    • Are You Feeling Emotional, Happy and Exhausted at the same time?
    • Do you just how important having a little time out for yourself is?

    Therapeutic Postnatal Massage

    60 mins £60 | 90 mins £90 | Course of 6 £328 (60 min)

    Home visits:

    Additional £15 | Course of 6 £411 (60 min)                             

    A very much needed time out for self-nurture, de-stressing and remembering who you are. During the massage we focus on what you need; relaxing the muscular tension from feeding or holding baby, reducing knots, and grounding to help relax and restore your mind, body and spirit, helping you to reconnect with yourself.

    Other physiological and emotional benefits:

    • Stress reduction
    • Regulates hormones
    • Releases Oxycontin can improved breastfeeding and 
    • Reduces aches and discomfort
    • Essential time for self nurture
    • Encourages healing process
    • Increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles 
    • Improved well-being and immunity
    • Reduced swelling