Pregnancy Loss Healing and Massage

Working with women that have had pregnancy loss, whether recently or many years ago. It can be a profoundly healing experience for various types of pregnancy loss, due to miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, baby loss and terminations.

I offer a non judgmental, safe and nurturing space, where there is a chance to really allow yourself to be held both physically and emotionally, so that you can bring all the feelings and emotions that may be held in your body. Taking the time and acknowledge loss, as well as finding the right support during an extremely difficult  time is crucial to the healing process. 

Sessions are discussed and tailored based on what is needed on the day. A combination of massage, energy work, guided visualisation and intuitive healing touch and can help to support a woman in a deeply relaxing and healing way that also helps re connection to herself. 

Self care, forgiveness and a gentle approach are paramount and each woman and family's experience is unique to them. 

Further Benefits 

  • Provides a nurturing space crucial to emotional wellbeing
  • Supports healing process
  • Honour and acknowledge feelings
  • Balances hormones & regulates your menstrual cycle
  • Reduces physical tension and discomfort held in the muscles 
  • Creates stillness and relaxation, helping you to begin the healing process
  • Reduces cortisol level and stress hormones 
  • Encourages re position of the uterus back to it's original position 
  • Supports Fertility by restoring and improving reproductive health

Heartfelt Testimonials

"Having come into today's session not quite sure what to expect and where it would take me, I'm so glad I came. It gave me a safe space to reflect on past experiences and how they have shaped my experience of my current pregnancy so far. However, it has also opened my mind to the possibilities and opportunities that are still to come in embracing and connecting with this new baby and pregnancy... Skevi has created a warm, welcoming and personalised session with the flexibility and sensitivity to embrace the feelings that came up, whilst bringing it all to a positive conclusion. A very special experience and a lovely way to start forging a connection with your baby during pregnancy and Beyond. Highly recommended" 

"I suffered a silent miscarriage followed by a very early miscarriage within 3 months. I reached the point that I  could not imagine bearing a child anymore in my womb. This place of life that I cherished during my first pregnancy had become a tomb. My body was so tense that my ribs, hips and womb had become one block, and I could not stand straight anymore. I also suffered from extreme fatigue and great guilt towards my daughter for not being able to give her a sibling.

I can’t explain how it came to me, but I felt the need to emotionally heal my womb by touch. That’s when a friend sent me Skevi’s details. I needed peace and protection, I needed that caring motherly touch and I wanted the world to stop around me to allow me to process these feelings that had invaded my whole body. That’s what Skevi gave me with the closing the bones and womb massage. She was the first therapist I saw who did not try to put words in my mouth. She listened and then she healed me through touch. She quietly knew how to progress with the massages. She did not work on my womb for too long initially and after a few weeks she really focused on it. I remember the first time she spent over an hour massaging my womb. I felt my body become still and rest - the first time in a long time. It was a big breakthrough in my recovery. I went home, fell asleep straight away, and struggled to get up the day after.

I went to see Skevi every week for 2 months. Every time, I felt a bit better. I remember seeing her a few months ago and told her I might be pregnant, but it was too early to tell. While she was massaging me, I felt a strong energy in my womb; I told myself there is life in there, but kept quiet. I could not believe it myself. I am now 4-month pregnant and I still see Skevi regularly for pregnancy massages, and no doubt I will see her after I give birth for postnatal closing of the bones massages"

"After experiencing a silent miscarriage I decided to take some healing action for my body and soul and for the soul of my little angel baby whom I was not able to meet but carry in my heart everyday. 

From the first moment that I met with Skevi I was so very comforted by her words and positive aura. She immediately made me feel at ease and suggested a very healing Closing of the Bones massage all in the comfort of my own home. She set up the room beautifully and combined it with guided relaxation and made me feel wonderful. From the bottom of my heart this was indeed the kick start i needed to heal from this very sad experience. 

I felt extremely relaxed after such a long time and able to connect with my baby. With every word spoken and every movement across my aching body and heart I felt that Skevi's powerful and healing touch was giving me the strength I needed to say goodbye and let go. 

Any woman who has experienced this heartache will know how hard it is to let go but I am truly so blessed to have been able to connect and say goodbye. A very humble thank you to a talented and wonderful woman - Skevi. I am very hopeful for the future and look forward to embarking on further massages with Skevi to help me on my path to meet with my next blessing. 

Thank you for being there and for all of your help and guidance. Much much love 

Healing Massage Therapy for Loss

90 mins £87 | Course of 3 £247 | Course of 6 £467| Course of 10 £747 

Home visits:

90 mins £95 | Course of 3 £267 | Course of 6 £510 | Course of 10 £800

These sessions are therapeutic and complimentary and do not replace professional talking therapy support such as counselling. Which can be highly helpful. If you have any questions on please don't hesitate to get in touch on or 07832147883. 

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