Pregnancy Wellness Classes

Cloud9 Wellness Hub 

Pregnancy is a powerful time for a woman, as it is a major life transition and rite of passage. This is often not discussed and recognised in today's society. Managing physical and emotional changes all the while growing new life can feel wondrous and for many overwhelming too.

These sessions are tailor made to compliment all aspects of your pregnancy journey.

Skevi create a beautiful and nurturing space encouraging a deeper connection to yourself and your baby, releasing anxiety and bringing a sense of calm.

You can expect a mixture of the following elements...

  • Heart opening meditations
  • Guided relaxation for bonding with baby
  • Healing light touch massage,
  • An opportunity to share and discuss how you feel in a supportive circle of women

There’ll be candles, delicious essential oils, healing feminine music and a loving space that invites you to come as you are, let go, feel relaxed and truly held.

Other key elements that may be explored during these sessions...

Please feel free to arrive 15 minutes prior to your session for complimentary tea and biscuits

£10 per session

Walk-ins welcome 

(please check before turning up)

Tuesdays 19:45 - 20:45, Cloud9 Wellness Hub, 869 Green Lanes, London, N21 2QS