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  • Are You Feeling Exhausted?
  • Are You Feeling Stressed and Tired?
  • Are You Pregnant and want some Relaxation and nurture for you?
  • Are you a New Mum wanting just a little time out for yourself?


As we know or babies feel, become and develop from the very essence of Momma and the family field around them. The experiences felt, seen and heard in the womb can shape them, their wellbeing and sense of the world they arrive into. Connecting deeper to you and your baby is the greatest gift and honouring of yourself and your baby.

I now offer beautiful one to one and couple sessions to connect you deeper to your pregnancy and the baby within the womb.

More information will be coming and filling this page very soon!

Pregnancy Massage

As a specialist pregnancy massage therapist I have undertaken extra training to provide the safest and most comfortable massage available during your pregnancy.

Why have a Pregnancy Massage?

Growing a baby and bringing a new life into the world is one of life's precious miracles and a new mum is a very special person indeed (so are daddies), and having achieved SO much nobody can prepare you for how hard it is! During this time a lot of physiological, physical and emotional changes take place, making constant demands on the mind and body. 

A little time out for YOU is more than a pamper or a luxury, it is part of the all important self care and nurture needed while adapting to your new world.

Nurturing Pregnancy Massage

A tailored massage to safely relax and soothe and reduce some of the strains and tension during pregnancy.

Therapeutic massage and acupressure techniques are used to relax and break down tension. Highly beneficial at different stages in pregnancy and around your estimated due date. 

During the massage you are on your side in a side lying position which is extremely comfortable, safe and relaxing. Extra towels and bolsters will be used for additional support and comfort.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • Reduced pain, discomfort and tension 
  • Increases serotonin! The 'feel-good' hormone
  • Reduce cortisol for reduction in tension and anxiety
  • Relaxation and restfulness! And a better nights sleep
  • Time out for YOU
  • Reduction of headaches and sinus congestion
  • Reduced swelling and fluid
  • Constipation relief
  • Improved blood circulation for you and baby

60 mins £60 | 90 mins £90 | Course of 6 £328 (60 min) | 

Home visits:

Additional £15 | Course of 6 £420 (60 min)                 



Commonly Asked Questions

When Can I have a Nurturing Pregnancy Massage?

You can start to enjoy pregnancy massage once you hormones begin to settle and as you enter into your second trimester. You can enjoy the beautiful benefits all the way through your pregnancy.

Can I have a Nurturing Pregnancy Massage towards the end of my pregnancy?

You definitely can and it is highly recommended. As you reach or go beyond you due date the benefits of massage and acupressure can be extremely helpful to relax, reduce anxiety and prepare you for labour.

What oil is used for the Nurturing Pregnancy Massage?

A gorgeous 'Mother and Baby' professional massage oil is used. A relaxing, balancing and safe blend of mandarin, orange and ginger which benefits the skin and mind and body too.

How is the Nurturing Pregnancy Massage performed?

The Balinese style of pregnancy massage is performed with you lying on your side, supported with pillows and bolsters between your knees and under your bump. This is how most pregnancy massage therapists are trained and do not advise a couch with hole due to pressure on the back.

This position is very comfortable, safe, and relaxing. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on:

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e info@puretherapylondon.co.uk

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