Holistic Fertility Support and Fertilityand Womb Massage Therapy

“I felt like I needed some nurturing as trying for a baby can feel quite all consuming, even if you are trying to be ‘chilled’ about it. I had heard about fertility massage therapy before and had already received a massage treatment from Skevi before which was lovely so thought I would try it. It really is quite a wonderful experience! I felt so connected to my body and so cared for. My tummy area felt ‘full’ in such a comforting way, the bloating I had been feeling has reduced. And the wrapping of the special rebozo wrap is just amazing - it feels like the best hug!” Anon

"I first saw Skevi 4 months after having surgery for a dermoid cyst and also following an endometriosis diagnosis. I was suffering with scar tissue pain, sharp pains throughout the month and back cramps/ womb pain during my bleed. When I had the first session with Skevi it was amazing. I could feel an energetic shift instantly and my ovaries began throbbing and my ovary reflex point was pulsating on the same rhythm on the left side which is where the cyst was. I also felt a big pressure release on my left side where the cyst was removed and have not had any scar tissue pain since. 

I felt a great release and also my pelvis felt extremely free. After the session I felt like my abodominals had been released and that I could stand up straighter. My stomach felt very tight after the surgery so this was a real bonus as I was able to stretch comfortably. I had one more session before my next period and the difference was marked. During the rest of the month I had very little endometriosis pain, when I did experience some I gave a five minute massage to myself and it eased.

My next period was very different and my cramps had reduced by around 70%! I was astounded and so pleased. The back pain was still present but I feel with time and further treatments I will be able to work on this also"


"I always adore treatments from you - honestly the best I have ever experienced and I feel the benefits for weeks after. I believe this has a tangible effect on my performance at work and in my mummy duties too. Taking this time to replenish and take care of my wellness makes me feel emotionally and physically more grounded and vibrant. Thank-you for your amazing therapies"


Signature Soul Nurture Session

"Thank you again for the amazing treatment. I still cant explain what happened in that moment but I've had a real sense of lightness and also a feeling of calm and clarity. It was obviously just what I needed. Completely unexpected but so powerful and positive. Thank you. 

Maria, North London

Well being Massage

"Thank you so much Skevi. Receiving a wonderfully intuitive massage with great depth is quite a rarity"

Leora Leboff, Shenley

"Skevi is a very talented and very intuitive practitioner; an added bonus to the treatment.
My body is still relaxed after 5 days, particularly impressive considering I have piled up lots of stress in the body over the past year. I felt luxuriously pampered, from the presentation of the room to the massage itself. Highly, highly recommended"

Barbara, Chingford

"Thank you Skevi for my lovely massage this morning! Your hands are magic, just what I needed post car accident. Healing and intuitive"

Stefania Callisto, Enfield

"Skevi definitely has a magical touch, she's so warm and friendly and makes you feel really comfortable. Her treatments are always so relaxing and soothing. Thank you so much xxx"

Zeinab, Finchley

"Completely professional and warm atmosphere. Skevi has amazing hands, Highly recommended! I have been treated by many massage therapists and I can honestly say she is by far THE BEST"

Jasmine, Southgate

Facial Therapy

"Just had an amazing facial with Skevi. Delighted at how clean and bright my skin looks and the only therapist ever to not make my hair look a mess and oily. The facial massage was given with brilliant pressure and she was very thorough with the whole cleansing. The arm massage added in whilst the mask was on was a lovely bonus. The separate foot massage was brilliant too and one of the best I've had. Definitely will be back and will also recommend you too. Thank you for your amazing treatments today"

Rakhee Shah , Barnet

"Skevi is an excellent therapist. I had a full body massage and a facial. She really took the time to understand what my body needed and tailored the treatments accordingly. At the end she gave me some product samples to try and also offered valuable advice. A truly personalized service which is hard to find in London. Highly recommended!"

Athena , Paddington

"I have monthly facial treatments with Skevi and I have to say she is the best! Not only is she professional and knowledgeable but kind and understanding. I can tell her about any concerns, and she will listen and adapt the treatment to address my problem. Simply fab! The treatments that she has given have both improved improved my skin and my confidence. I have recommended a friend and she now has monthly facials with Skevi too"


"One of the best facials I have had is all down to Skevi. It's a great feeling knowing that someone is taking care of you and cares about the work they're carrying out on you. It truly exceeded my expectations"

Pranvera, Palmers Green

"Skevi is an excellent therapist. She makes you feel relaxed and works her magic, whatever the treatment. My regular and favorites are her amazing massages and facials. She's just the best!"


"Have been to Pure Therapy a few times to date and have received excellent treatment on each occasion. Skevi is most friendly and professional at all times and goes out of her way to ensure the session is relaxed and memorable. I would wholeheartedly recommend Skevi without reservation. Thank You Skevi"

Jacqui Atkinson, Southgate

"After experiencing a silent miscarriage I decided to take some healing action for my body and soul and for the soul of my little angel baby whom I was not able to meet but carry in my heart everyday. 

From the first moment that I met with Skevi I was so very comforted by her words and positive aura. She immediately made me feel at ease and suggested a very healing Closing of the Bones massage all in the comfort of my own home. She set up the room beautifully and combined it with guided relaxation and made me feel wonderful. 

From the bottom of my heart This was indeed the kick start i needed to heal from this very sad experience. 

I felt extremely relaxed after such a long time and able to connect spiritually with my baby. With every word spoken and every movement across my aching body and heart I felt that Skevi's powerful and healing touch was giving me the strength I needed to say goodbye and let go. 

Any woman who has experienced this heartache will know how hard it is to let go but I am truly so blessed to have been able to connect and say goodbye. A very humble thank you to a talented and wonderful woman - Skevi. 

I am very hopeful for the future and look forward to embarking on further massages with Skevi to help me on my path to meet with my next blessing. 

Thank you for being there and for all of your help and guidance. Much much love 
always Xx"


Pregnancy andBaby Loss


"Having come into today's session not quite sure what to expect and where it would take me, I'm so glad I came. It gave me a safe space to reflect on past experiences and how they have shaped my experience of my current pregnancy so far. However, it has also opened my mind to the possibilities and opportunities that are still to come in embracing and connecting with this new baby and pregnancy... Skevi has created a warm, welcoming and personalised session with the flexibility and sensitivity to embrace the feelings that came up, whilst bringing it all to a positive conclusion. A very special experience and a lovely way to start forging a connection with your baby during pregnancy and beyond. Highly recommended" Anon

“37 weeks pregnant and my body started to feel extremely tired and my brain was not able to switch off. I couldn’t relax and I know my baby was being affected. My movements were not as frequent and I was just causing myself extra stress... I booked a session with Skevi and really had no idea what to expect. My husband came along and it was one of the most beautiful evenings I have experienced. The environment was calm, warm and relaxing and it took me back to feeling connected and helped me to embrace and feel powerful for what I am about to go through the next few weeks of our pregnancy. I felt a complete sense of release from negative thoughts that I didn’t even release I had, my mind felt clear and I felt completely connected to my baby. Sharing this moment with my husband was beautiful, it brought us closer to baby and has made us feel completely prepared for labour and the journey we are about to embrace as parents. A big thank you to Skevi for the love, light and guidance through meditation and for reminding us that we are in control. Her healing hands through massage also helped me have the best sleep. Forever grateful xx" Amreet


“My experience of the session with Skevi was amazing. I was initially a bit unsure about what to expect as I’m not in touch with my hippy side! But when I arrived she was fantastic and explained everything very clearly. I thought that it was supposed to help my pregnant wife but I felt a real strong connection which I did not expect. Skevi was very calming and the ambience was lovely. I was completely at ease and any apprehension I previously felt quickly disappeared. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend that any expectant Dads to give this a try as it gives a nice connection with the unborn child. Thank you for an amazing experience and one I will never forget” Rav

Blessingway or Mother Blessing - A Holistic Baby Shower

"I had the most beautiful Mother Blessing last weekend with Skevi. She created a calm and serene atmosphere at my home in a circle with my closest ladies and we all enjoyed it. It’s such a nice way to celebrate the end of your pregnancy and the upcoming birth. Skevi‘s lovely nature made everyone feel comfortable to speak from their hearts - I loved every second. Hope to see you again Skevi"

Sadaf Michaelson 

"Thank you so much to Skevi for co-ordinating my Mother Blessing at my baby shower yesterday. She made it such a special and memorable day for me and my friends and family. Most guests (myself included) hadn't been to a baby shower before, and Skevi really gave the day structure and allowed everyone to share their love and support in a comfortable setting which everyone thoroughly loved. She added so many unique touches which were special to me, my husband and my friends, leaving me with so many wonderful keepsakes and positive vibes to take into my birth experience and beyond. Would highly recommend her for any baby shower and will definitely be booking in more therapies with her! Thanks so much Skevi! xx"

Imogen Taylor

"Skevi gave my beautiful sister a wonderful Mother Blessing. It was the perfect welcome to her little one. Such a special and memorable day. Thank you Skevi!"

Rosanna Taylor 

Pregnancy Massage

"Amazing pregnancy massage in the comfort of my own home. Thanks so much Skevi. Can't wait for the next one"

Laura, Mill Hill

"Just had an amazing and relaxing pregnancy massage.... my head was semi conscious and it wouldn't respond to anything.... thanks Skevi. I feel so good definitely a bathtub type of afternoon"

Pana , Harrow

"I started seeing Skevi in my third trimester for pregnancy massages once every 3 or 4 weeks. I often find that sometimes massages aren't that great but Skevi seemed to hit the spot and I always came out feeling not only relaxed but less tense in my back muscles. The last pregnancy massage I had with Skevi was 2 days before my due date... and that's when I had my first contraction! My baby was born 48 hours later. Skevi has magical powers! Highly recommend! She's also so lovely!"

Jodie Davis-Cohen, NorthLondon

"Mum to be Massage and a Facial treatment. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and you are the only one who can ever take it away. You are truly gifted. Thankyou"

Laura Holmes, Birmingham 

"I felt so relaxed with Skevi, she has a lovely manner and I could tell she was a very experienced and professional therapist. I will definitely visit again for more treatments, very convenient with mobile optiontoo"

Lisa Bayliss, Surrey

"Absolutely amazing! Skevi made me feel so relaxed and calm. Coming to the end of my pregnancy I was feeling very tired, my legs and feet were very swollen and achy. I had such a peaceful sleep that night. Woke up to contractions and had my beautiful baby the very next day. Thank you Skevi!"

Eleni Price, Birmingham

"I had a nurturing pregnancy massage that was brilliant! Will be having one regularly from now on"

Meneka, North London

"I had my first pregnancy massage last week. It was amazing! I walked in very stressed and walked out on cloud 9. I was so relaxed! Skevi did a great job adapting the massage to my problem areas. I would highly recommend her pregnancy massage"

Camilla, Southgate

"I was recommended to go to Skevi for a pregnancy massage and I'm so glad I did! Skevi worked her magic with a full body massage when I was 9 months pregnant, very fat and very tired and it was truly bliss. I wish I hadn't waited that long!"

Maria Palmer, Enfield. 

"I had massages throughout my pregnancy with Skevi. I always felt amazing afterwards and had a good sleep following treatment. During my pregnancy I had no swollen ankles and no aches or pains and I believe this was due to Skevi massages, she is truly one of the best therapist I have ever met and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her treatments to anyone"

Lakhraj Rai

"I had massages through my pregnancy and they helped my swollen legs and ankles. Skevi was amazing she really was gentle and made sure that myself and the baby were comfortable. They really helped me and I highly recommend Skevi, she really has magic hands. Thank you"

Christina Georgiou, Sutton Coldfield

    "I have been going to Skevi for years for various treatments and when I fell pregnant with my son I was very apprehensive about having a massage as I didn't know much about pregnancy massage. I went to see Skevi and she made me feel right at ease. She always discussed what the massage will involve and ensured that I was in the correct positions to support baby and honestly was the best massages I have ever received!

    Being pregnant is one of the most rewarding but tiring times of a woman's life and with the help of Skevi, she made me feel amazing and most of all relaxed! Thank you so much Skevi"

    Rebecca Tomlin

    Skevi is an amazing therapist, so gentle & calming...just what I needed through my pregnancy! I felt relaxed & pampered which was a treat, I thoroughly enjoyed my massage along with a few other treatments to prepare me for the arrival of my little one! thank you Skevi

    Sonia Takhar

    I would definitely recommend Skevi. I had a few massages while pregnant and she was brilliant at getting rid of all the aches and pains. I'll be back for post natal massages soon.

    Eorann, Palmers Green

    Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage 

    "I had such a gorgeous experience with Skevi. From the moment I opened my front door I knew that I would be in safe hands. Skevi exudes love, warmth and positivity. The 'closing the bones' massage was absolutely lush. I enjoyed it physically and mentally, and at the end of our session I felt relaxed, confident, and positive. The ritual of thanking my body for all it had done, and will continue to do, was something that I hadn't done since birthing my baby and I was so glad of this reminder to be grateful. Highly recommend to all new mamas!"

    Rebekah Clark, London

    “My Closing the Bones was one of the best massages I’ve ever had: thorough yet gentle, and she incorporated some extra areas of tension we’d talked about beforehand; afterwards I felt grounded and two inches taller. Skevi is a sweetheart and a total pro”

    Anouk, Oxforshire

    "I experienced the most amazing Closing the Bones session with Skevi. A traditional and very nurturing treatment for postpartum women - all I can say is I wish I'd known about it 9 years ago!! The massage bit was fantastic and really relaxing, then came the special hip rocking - and I can totally understand why it's so important postpartum. I'm a sports therapist and fitness instructor and I have spent years rectifying SIJ issues since my pregnancy all those years ago. I feel like a totally new woman! Thank you so much Skevi"

    Amrit Theocharous, Winchmore Hill

    "I had the Closing the Bones postnatal Massage and would highly recommend! Really relaxing experience and, as Skevi can cometo your home, it's really stress free and your baby can be involved too. My little one (who is 9 weeks old) lay on my chest and slept throughout- think he enjoyed the whole experience too! It definitely helped release tension in my hips and back and it was nice to have some 'me' time. Skevi was fantastic and even made me a cuppa before she left! A lovely experience for new mums!"

    Lorraine, Winchmore Hill

    "Thanks Skevi for a gorgeous 'closing the bones' massage. It's quite unlike any other massage I've had, still very calming and relaxing but different techniques. I felt really well rested afterwards!"

    Gemma Thompson, Palmers Green

    Packages and Retreat Days

    Mum & Baby Pamper Day

    "Our NCT group had arranged a day for Skevi to visit us for some pamper time at one of our houses over the course of our maternity leave. It was so good we booked another and they were both HEAVENLY! The ‘Closing the Bones’ treatment in particular is so relaxing. I would highly recommend Skevi to any mums-to-be, mums, anyone!"

    Jenifer Field, North London

    "Pampering made easy for New Mums! We are Five Mums who met through NCT. The afternoon was hosted at my home and we each took turns to get our much needed massage. Skevi ran the sessions beautifully and we all received treatments that matched our needs“ Nia

    Wellness Days 

    Ah! I could start every Saturday like that! Skevi provided a clear, safe and well led meditation session. The space was held well and the opportunity to experience this type of relaxation was beneficial. I felt refreshed and refocused at the end. She provided a very relaxing treatment too... Skevi was was professional and sensitive to my needs and created a very personalised experience. I didn't want my massage to end! Thank you"



    Here is what some of our other ladies had to say..."It was such a wonderful day! Really enjoyed every minute of it. You were both amazing - thank you so much. Beautiful day in a beautiful location - the perfect Saturday. Please do it again!"


    "A truly inspiring experience. Feeling reborn after the retreat. The organisation of the day has been very well done. I would surely recommend having a day like this to family and friends and helpful for anyone to get away from daily routine and stresses"


    "Thank you for a wonderful day! The massage was beautifully relaxing and the Pilates was calming and yet I feel I have worked every part of my body. This day has nourished my body and soul"


    "Thanks for a wonderfully relaxing day on Saturday! I really enjoyed it all and the venue was beautiful. It was a great mix of Pilates and relaxation, lunch was delicious, could not fault any of it. Felt very floaty when I got home and slept like a log! Looking forward to the next one!"


    "A lovely relaxing day. Lived up to expectations and just what was needed. Will encourage me to do more Pilates and meditation seeing the benefits. Thank you" 


    "I enjoyed the retreat so much, it was relaxing and went far too quickly! The pilates was fun and challenging, while the massage treatment was soothing and therapeutic. The day was excellent from start to finish, the warm welcome, the sessions, the healthy lunch and fabulous fig cake! Thank you very much"