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Mental Wellness

Join Skevi each Wednesday at 8pm for a variety of Beautiful Guided Meditations.

"Thanks very much for the meditation tonight Skevi. It was beautiful and very body centred which I liked. Would be amazing to join next week - something to look forward to in life right now! The poem was  amazing too and you shared it so well. Thank you again"

Wellness Wednesday offers a regular dose of loving self care. Step away from daily stress and worries and into a dedicated space for you. An invitation to be held and guided

The Meditations are around 40 minutes and take place via Zoom. They vary each week and as I work intuitively even with a theme they can take a journey of their own, and you are part of that.

I provide a nurturing space of holding to support rest and a mindful focus on the breath, mind and body.  Wellness Wednesday, Recorded Wellness Meditations and 1:1 Sessions are an invitation to feel supported, nourished and let go.

 "Feeling calm and loved. You are amazing Skevi!"

Wellness Offer and Payment

Limited Time Offer

Enjoy the first Wellness Wednesday meditation for FREE! 

After this you can join weekly (or whenever you like) for a Special Rate. This is subject to change and is a limited offer. 

Individual sessions £7.50

Course Offer

Ready to commit to your weekly dose of Self Care? Book a course of 5 sessions. Valid to use over a 7 week period .

5 sessions for £25

More Info

Does it matter if I'm new to Meditation?

No! To me Meditation is releasing the mind chatter and being in the moment. Wellness Wednesday is a wonderful blend of deep relaxation and shining a light on any tension points or anything we wish to release. So Meditation could be music, walking, being in the moment. The wonderful thing about the Wellness Wednesday sessions is that they are guided. So all you have to do is rock up, get comfortable and be guided by me into relaxation! 

Do I need to do anything to prepare? 

In short, not really! However I do recommend you create a relaxing and restful space for yourself, you deserve it. I'd suggest doing this before we begin. To make the most of our time together check out Creating a Meditation Space for my 5 top tips on doing this!

Will I Be Visible To Others?

Only if you want to! The beauty of creating a safe space online, even in a group is that you can log on and join with or without video, with or without sound! You can simply join using the zoom link in your pj's with the camera off and drift in your own bubble of calm!

How do I book, pay and join?

1. Email me at or drop me a message via facebook to book and receive BACS details

2. Once you have paid you will receive zoom link 

3. Log on to Zoom using the link a few minutes before 8pm and join!

The benefit of working online for both group and 1:1 sessions is that you can join from anywhere in the world! Once  you have booked and paid you will receive the Zoom link to join at the scheduled time. 

What Participants Say...

"I was invited to make myself comfortable which I did by laying upon my bed with a snugly blanket for warmth. I was informed how the session would progress, Nicely settled Skevi began to speak, her voice like velvet, her manner calm and reassuring. How do I feel now...I have one word...incredible, yes that is the word I feel incredible, lighter, ready to claim the life I know I have always deserved. Distance knows no boundaries, what a beautiful experience. Self care and love is vital at this most uncertain of times"🙏


"That was amazing! Thank you Skevi. I did fall asleep in-between - I guess that means the relaxation worked. Your voice is so calming! You were made to guide Meditation classes! Thank you!"

“Thanks so much Skevi, that was so lovely, just what I needed. I have struggled today and after this I'm hopeful tomorrow will be better. Having someone else guide you is so helpful as you included some areas that I never work on myself and unsurprisingly, quite a lot of emotion came out, it's amazing what we can avoid letting go of to stay feeling 'safe'. Beautiful nurturing language and loving words, I will be going to sleep shortly on a beautiful cloud of lightness”

"This came at just the right time as I was feeling really out of sorts and really needed to re balance. Am feeling a lot calmer now. Thank you Skevi"

"That was wonderful. I now I definitely feel a sense of calm I didn't have before. You know what I'm going through at the moment, and it's been a tough morning, so this was perfect. thank you thank you thank you. Beautiful"

"Feeling so relaxed now Skevi. Thank you so much. My dog Jazz was joining in with the meditation too! She loved it... "

Ready to Join?

To join in for the next Wellness Wednesday  follow these simple steps:

1. Make Payment via Paypal at 

(If you do not use Paypal get in touch for BACS details)

2. Email or message via facebook to confirm and receive Zoom link

3. Log on to Zoom using the link a few minutes before 8pm and enjoy!

"What an amazing Guided Meditation. I nearly fell asleep by the end and most amazing, my *terrible* menstrual pains subsided. I must have been carrying tension there without even realising. Thank you for relaxing me! No one likes to think of themselves as “uptight” but I can be a highly strung person - it is a work in progress and now discovering these Guided Meditation sessions this will massively help me on my journey. Having a child (and puppy) doesn’t allow for getting out the house easily pre lock down, so for me it is even better that they’re from home. Skevi, you’re such a generous soul and doing these for a token small price"

I look forward to sharing in the next Wednesday Meditation with you! Get in touch here with any further questions

Skevi x