Intuitive, Healing, Nurturing Massage for Women

"Thank you Skevi for my lovely massage this morning! Your hands are magic, just what I needed post car accident. Healing and intuitive"

Stefania , Enfield

  • Is your body feeling achy and knotty?
  • Are You Feeling Stressed and Overworked?
  • Do you want some Relaxation and a little 'Me Time'?
  • Are you ready to dedicate some well deserved time out?

Therapeutic Wellbeing Massage

A nourishing massage to release stress and muscular tension. Using a combination of my own techniques that I have developed whilst working with clients over the past 16 years. Focusing on your individual trouble spots and guided by what your mind and body need for a personal treatment.

60 mins £60 | 90 mins £90 | Course of 6 £328 (60 min)

Home visits:

Additional £15 | Course of 6 £411 (60 min)             

Nurturing Rebozo Massage

A beautiful, feminine massage focusing on total relaxation and nourishing the mind and body. A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican Scarf and can be used throughout a woman's life journey. Within this massage it creates a gentle and relaxing therapy with subtle movement. To complete the massage, you are gently wrapped at the head, the hips and the feet giving you a total body hug! This feels divine. (This can be tailored to suit your needs and people that 'don't like to feel 'contained' usually really enjoy this).

Benefits of Rebozo Massage:

  • Gives you the space to go within
  • Calms everything down
  • Restorative and Grounding
  • Giving you a feeling of safety and holding like a body hug!

Who is this for?

Absolutely every woman,  and especially:

  • After or during an overwhelming experience
  • After you have had your baby - more info on Closing the Bones
  • If you have lost a baby or are grieving 
  • If you are suffering from stress around your fertility - more info on Fertility Massage

90 mins £85 | Course of 6 available

Home visits:

Additional £95

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

This massage will focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. Forearms and hands are used for a deeper pressure and to stretch helping to relieve chronic patterns of tension, muscular stiffness and pain.  

60 mins £60 | 90 mins £90 | Course of 6 £328 (60 min)

Home visits:

Additional £15 | Course of 6 £420 (60 min)     

"Skevi is a very talented and very intuitive practitioner; an added bonus to the treatment.
My body is still relaxed after 5 days, particularly impressive considering I have piled up lots of stress in the body over the past year. I felt luxuriously pampered, from the presentation of the room to the massage itself. Highly, highly recommended"

Barbara, Chingford

Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious massage that melts tension away. The combination of massage and heated stones really do ease muscle tightness, this is a deeply relaxing massage.

60 mins £60 | 90 mins £90 | Course of 6 £328 (60 min)

Clinic appointments only

Indian Head Massage

This is a deeply relaxing and restorative therapy. During an Indian Head Massage we focus on the pressure points and areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. Typically the face, scalp and shoulders. An amazing massage if you suffer with tension headaches and migraine, if you have sinus problems or find it difficult to relax. It encourages tranquility and restfulness and is known to be great for a good nights sleep.

45 mins £45 | 60 mins £60 includes back | Course of 6 £328 (60 min)

Home visits:

Additional £15 | Course of 6 £411 (60 min)   

Massages ease tension and makes us feel amazing, This we know !

Take some time to come back to YOU and nourish your mind, body and soul with a comforting and restorative treatment - your body and will thank you for it and your mind might just feel more calm and a little less frazzled!


Please do get in touch with any questions or book in with Skevi here